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Legislative Accomplishments

During my tenure as Speaker and Majority Leader, I have sponsored or supported the following legislative initiatives that have been enacted into law:
School Funding Formula: The Assembly in 2010 passed the first statewide education funding formula the state has had in 15 years.  It provides a core amount for each student statewide and additional funding to help close the achievement gap between wealthy and poor students.
Income Tax Restructuring: In 2010, the Assembly passed the most comprehensive changes to the state’s income tax laws in 40 years. It reduced the number of tax brackets from five to three, increased standard deductions for a middle-class tax cut, and eliminated the flat tax option.
Small Business Assistance: The Assembly enacted several measures in 2010 to make it easier to do business in Rhode Island.  It streamlined the application, permitting and regulatory processes, reformed state fire code laws, and increased access to capital to help businesses expand and prosper.
Wind Energy: Legislation to expand the process to review the terms of a proposal to promote a renewable energy wind farm off Block Island was enacted in 2010.  The wind project is expected to bring hundreds of construction, manufacturing, and green economy jobs to the state.
Prostitution Ban: The Assembly in 2009 closed a loophole that previously allowed prostitution indoors and strengthened the ban on human trafficking.
Prohibit Text Messaging While Driving: To make our roads safer, the Assembly in 2009 passed a law to ban text messaging or e-mailing while driving.
Pension Reform: The budgets passed in both 2009 and 2010 contained a total of $90 million in savings to the taxpayers by reforming the state pension system.
Energy Act:  First established in 2006, this addressed RI’s long term energy needs by creating the Affordable Energy Fund to help low-income families, mandating procurement of least-cost energy resources, creating a natural gas efficiency program and giving R.I. ratepayers more input into energy decisions and planning
Neighborhood Opportunities Program: Provided $7.5 million dollars in 2007 budget to build affordable housing for the disabled and disadvantaged, and ensured funding continuation in further budgets.
Health Insurance Affordability Act of 2006:  Designed to address the affordability of health insurance for individuals and small employers.
Stricter Drunk Driving Laws: In the past several years, penalties have been strengthened for people who refuse to take breath tests and increased punishments for offenders, while law enforcement officials were given more tools to crack down on drunk driving.
Biotechnology Jobs Growth Act:  Attracted biotechnology and bio-manufacturing firms to Rhode Island by means of a tax credit program.  Amgen announced 450 additional jobs as a result of this legislation
Increased minimum wage:  Increased Minimum wage in Rhode Island both in 2006 and 2007.
Marriage Equality: Supported and sponsored legislation providing marriage rights for all Rhode Islanders.
Workplace Smoking Ban: Banned smoking in public places, including restaurants,  and provided a cleaner healthier workplace for Rhode Islanders
Responsible Hospital Expansion: Supported legislation requiring Rhode Island Health Services Council to consider “community input” when approving hospital expansions similar to the one at Miriam Hospital.

I have also sponsored state funding for the following organizations: Adopt A Doctor, AS220, the Black Repertory Theater, Boys & Girls Clubs of Providence, the Community Mediation Center of Rhode Island, the Cookie Place, the Institute for Nonviolence, Martin Luther King Elementary School PTO, the Mount Hope Land Trust, Mount Hope Neighborhood Association, Perishable Theater, Providence North End 49ers Football, Rhode Island Academic Decathlon, Rhode Island Cultural Educational Enrichment Program, Rhode Island Legal Services, Rhode Island National Guard Retirees Association,  Shape Up Rhode Island, Summit Neighborhood Association, Trinity Repertory Theater, Urban League of Rhode Island, and Volunteers in Public Schools

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